Live Tarot reading

This webside is made with the soul purpose of giving live readings using Svarbox which is an live text chatbox that makes it possible to get message through or gives you a live connection with Me.

I am Holmfridur Asta someone that has given people readings for the last 20 years.

I use Tarot, cristal ball and vikingcards that are an icelandic production of Guðrún Bergmann.

I am available for live reading weeknights between 21:00 and 24:00 hours.

My experiance has been that what i have fortold has come true.

My advice is given in honesty and with honerabilty.

I can look at the year ahead or short term answers to your question.

I will drag out your name and can also look into the people around you.

I will not make decisions for you but i can give some good advice and give you a god idea about the results.

Live is always what we make off it but it doesnt hurt to get litle bit of help and perspective.

And thats what im here for emoticon

Also i use reiki healing and when in need of that extra energy feel free to contact me through email ([email protected])  For yourself or others. 

I  am located at for readings in person and reiki hands on healing.  

Press  Svarbox
Write  your email and name and get connected. If im not awailable you have a chance of leaving me a mesage and i will get back to you.

If i am not available because there is a reading in process there will be a message saying were you are in line and you can leave the mesage box open while waiting to get in direct contact.

The reading will not start unless a full payment has been made i will give you the payment information after the connection has been made.

Simplest and savest way to  pay online is to use paypal and i strongly recomend it.

If you would rather make a money transfer i will give you the account information and email to send verification.

This side is in working prosess and please feel free to ask if there are any questions.
there will ofcourse never be any answers unless we ask the questions :)

Hope you have a good day :)

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